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Big dreams need smart APIs. Open Platform is your one-stop payment gateway solution to drive your business further in Asia.

A Digital Partnership that Simply Works.


Connect to 700 million mobile subscribers across 6 countries.


Go to market faster with agile and flexible payment integration.


Trusted by the world’s leading brands and telecommunications providers.

We Can Expand Your Payment Options.

Direct Carrier Billing

Allow customers to make payment easily with their mobile devices through direct carrier billing.
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Mobile Wallet Payment

Enable customer to make online payment through their mobile wallet
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How it Works

Customers can now make online purchases by simply entering their phone number, confirming payment in a few clicks, and charging the amount to their bill.

No more fuss about name, address, or credit card details.

Step 1

Customer selects product in an online store.
Andriod Device purchasing an app

Step 2

Customer chooses Direct Carrier Billing as payment option.
Andriod Device to purchase an app through Direct Carrier Billing

Step 3

Customer confirms payment.
Payment sucess to purchase an app through Direct Carrier Billing

Go Live in 5 Easy Steps

Unlocking revenue from Asia's growing mobile payment market can be quick and easy.
Get a head start at VIA Open Platform by following these steps.

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